Recreational Holidays

If your idea of a perfect holiday is one jam packed with activity, adventure and different experiences to expand your skills or challenge your mind and body, we can create you or a group a bespoke package, so you can experience your hobbies and passions abroad.

Experience a range of amazing activates such as white water rafting in Peru, cycling from Bangkok to Saigon, Sea Kayak in Croatia, 4x4 super jeep drive in Iceland, golfing holidays on a range of greens, riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle across America, diving in the most beautiful oceans around the world - the list is unlimited!

We also offer adventure packed holidays with a wide range of activities built in.

Below are a few examples of recreational holidays that are popular with our clients so please call us on 0800 840 8192 or email us for more information and discover how we can create your perfect recreational holiday.

Golfing holidays

Golfing Holidays

Time to take some time off and play some rounds of golf with your friends, family or golf club. Enjoy the opportunity to tee off from a range of courses around the UK or the World. If you’re going away and want sand in your shoes not just from the bunker but beaches – we can arrange a wonderful holiday package with built in golfing days.


We can arrange everything for you from transporting your clubs, transfers, flights, hotels, golf course passes and buggies.

Just contact us with your budget, number of travellers and preferred locations, and we will create a golf package which you’ll never forget.

Route 66

Route 66

Iconic Route 66 is one of the most famous routes to travel in the world, starring in and inspiring many films, music and literature. Covering 2448 miles of road connecting Los Angles to Chicago, passing through several states including, California, Arizona and Kansas. If you want to drive yourself in an American muscle car, or be part of an organised tour we can make it happen and include visiting all the famous attractions Route 66 has to offer. There are a range of accommodation options including motels, hotels, camping and of course driving a Winnebago Motorhome!.


Harley Davidson riders we can transport your beloved motorcycle to any part of the USA and most worldwide destinations and we can help you create a wonderful riding vacation. Our sister company Claridon Logistics have over 20 years of experience in transporting Harley-Davidson motorcycles for Harley owners as well as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. We will also ship your riding gear and save you the hassle of taking it on the aircraft or as check in luggage. As we are Harley owners ourselves, we ride and share the same passion as you.

Just contact us with your budget, number of travellers and preferred locations, and we’ll create a riding holiday you will never forget.

Diving holidays

Diving Holidays

If you are a qualified diver then you will no doubt have a wonderful spirit of adventure and love to refresh your body and soul under the magical deep blue ocean as well as being at one with another amazing species where the only law is to relax and marvel in the underwater world of peace, silence and fusion of magical and incredible colour.


We can create a wonderful diving experience for you and whether you prefer reef diving, shark encounters, wreck diving, memorable encounters with whale sharks or manta rays we can help you explore the infinite beauty and tranquillity of our oceans in the most amazing and breath taking diving locations around the world such as Cocos Island - Costa Rica, Baa Atoll - the Maldives, Kimbe Bay - Papua New Guinea, Little Cayman, Rangiroa-Polynesia and Darwin’s Arch, Galapagos – Ecuador..

Just contact us with your budget, number of travellers and preferred locations, and we’ll create a wonderful diving holiday that you will never forget.

Life is short…..Dive it!

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Recreational Holidays


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